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Diverse Fleet

With vehicles ranging from the economy class to a specialty convertible, we'll be sure to meet your need.

Airport Pick Up & Drop Off

We offer a complimentary Pick Up and Drop Off service. Not only to the airport, but also to the ferry terminals on the Waterfront.

VIP Service

Become a Premium Plus Member to receive the best discounts on your rental.


24-Hour Roadside Assistance

Unlimited Miles & Prepaid Fuel Option

Take the Vehicle to St. John

Accidentally locked the keys in the car? Or maybe one of our legendary potholes caused a flat? Just call our 24-hr Roadside Assistance number and someone will be right there to help!

With a rental from us, you never pay for the number of miles you travel. If you want a completely hassle-free trip, try our prepaid fuel option too.

Most car rental companies on St. Thomas won't allow you to take their vehicles to St. John. With us, that is not an issue!

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